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StAPs NEWSLETTER JUNE 2018 (Issue 3 of current series )

     It was a hectic few months for the cast and crew of RV. We battled snow storms, heatwaves, incompetent maids and Noel Coward’s sharply-edged wit, but with dynamic duo Jonklaas and Trebilcock at the helm, the end result proved a great success!
     The audience was treated to terrific performances, a beautiful set and some truly wonderful costumes. In this incredibly wordy play, the cast was applauded in adjudication for being almost ‘word perfect’, and the audience was full of praise; someone even considering the play ‘one of the best amateur productions’ she had seen. Congratulations to all involved!

     This year’s summer play is a slight departure from the Players’ usual August offering. The Players will be performing ‘Murder in Fancy Dress’, a cabaret-style Murder Mystery, accompanied by a two course supper at the Heavy Transport Club in Par, 31st July-2nd August.
      Eat your fill and Guess Who Dunnit. (More here.)

     Many thanks to Steve Holland for organising this session. For those of us used to treading the boards, all the technical aspects of a production can be hard to comprehend. Steve did a marvellous job introducing us to various types of lighting (did you know there are nearly fifty lights above the Arts Centre stage??), the system that runs them and a crash course in how lighting can affect appearances and moods on stage.

     As always, if there’s anything you’d like to see here, or indeed to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact me (email). So, until the next time - break a leg, chaps!!

    Rose Lancaster   Jun '18


Jane AyreJane Ayre
(Mrs Manny Etchels)
1945 - 2018

     After a long period of deteriorating health, Jane finally succumbed on February 1st.
     A stalwart of the ‘Old Players’, Jane may be unknown to many of today’s members, but she had given her energies to everything from Players’ Secretary to acting (The Cherry Sisters, Visiting Hour, Sailor Beware and many others) and directing (Still Life) as well as co-directing, with Sheila Boyer, a memorable production of Stephen King’s Misery, in 2006.
     Jane will be long-remembered for her infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy.

New Directors
     The Players' Committee is keen to hear from anyone who would like to direct his or her own production. If you are interested and have experience of directing, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have thought about directing but have no experience, perhaps you might prefer to to try it out at first by directing a one-act play. It could be a play of your own choosing or we could suggest some to you.
      If you might like to direct or to help in any other way, please contact the Chairman, Tony Pickup, on 01726 813690 or email him.

"Extras" Wanted
     This site occasionally receives requests for ''extras'' to play in films or TV programmes being made locally. If you are interested and available for ''extra'' work in this area and would like to email your contact details to this site (click here), we can keep them on file. Then, as and when such opportunities occur, we can put you in touch with the casting companies. Just be aware that these opportunities tend to occur sporadically and even then are often for individuals with specific characteristics: certain height, hair colour, age, and so on. Such details will be between you and the casting company; we will simply forward all "extra" requests to you.