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     St. Austell Players were delighted to receive the Best Costumes Award in the Plays Section of the CDA Theatre Festival 2017-2018, for The Importance of Being Earnest. Congratulations to the stars of our 'Wardrobe Department'!
     A list of all the awards is available on the CDA site, here. The award winners were announced on Theatre Day, October 27th, at the Best Western Hotel Bristol, Newquay.


New Directors
     The Players' Committee is keen to hear from anyone who would like to direct his or her own production. If you are interested and have experience of directing, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you have thought about directing but have no experience, perhaps you might prefer to to try it out at first by directing a one-act play. It could be a play of your own choosing or we could suggest some to you.
      If you might like to direct or to help in any other way, please contact the Chairman, Tony Pickup, on 01726 813690 or email him.

"Extras" Wanted
     This site occasionally receives requests for ''extras'' to play in films or TV programmes being made locally. If you are interested and available for ''extra'' work in this area and would like to email your contact details to this site (click here), we can keep them on file. Then, as and when such opportunities occur, we can put you in touch with the casting companies. Just be aware that these opportunities tend to occur sporadically and even then are often for individuals with specific characteristics: certain height, hair colour, age, and so on. Such details will be between you and the casting company; we will simply forward all "extra" requests to you.