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St. Austell Players have received many kind words over the years. Here are a few samples . . .

Cornish Guardian, 7/9/2000

Lucky to have such 'professional' players

        Two or three weeks ago I was lucky enough to be taken to the St. Austell Arts Theatre to see a local production of Noises Off.
        I had seen the play in London many years ago, and expected that this production by the St. Austell Players would be little more than two hours of amateurish enthusiasm.
        I was astounded by the sheer professionalism of the cast and the even more professional timing of the director. The evening I was there, there were people literally falling out of their seats, crying, and choking with laughter. I'd hoped that the play would be running through the summer so that I could go back and hear many of the lines that I had missed through my own laughing fits.
        I hope St. Austell residents recognise how lucky they are to have such a company on their doorstep.
        Had we a company of such quality in Barnstaple, I'd be watching a lot less television.

Brian Hilliard
( Barnstaple)


Dear Mr Barnes,
         I am writing to you as it is your name that is given in the "Jamaica Inn" programme - but I am writing to say thank you to everyone involved in the production.
         On a previous visit to Cornwall we were able to see one of your shows, and were pleased to find that our holiday dates this year allowed us to come to this year's production.
         Thank you for another most enjoyable evening, and congratulations to everyone in the team for a splendid production, with imaginative use of space and excellent technical presentation.
         Bouquets to Karen Julyan - hardly ever off the stage - and Martin Evans, and in particular to Christine Angrave; but well done to everybody (front of house included!) for a very pleasant evening.
         I hope that this won't be the last St. Austell Players' production I see!
        With best wishes for the rest of the run,

Yours sincerely,
David Priestnall
(Bradford, West Yorkshire)


17th March 2001.

Dear Sir or Madam,
         My wife and I attended the St Austell Arts Centre last night and we feel compelled to write to express our feelings. We were impressed by the warm welcome as we stepped in, the excellent programme, (free of the usual glut of advertisements, thank goodness) sold at a moderate price, likewise the wine in the bar; again good quality at a moderate price. So we were already in a comfortable and receptive mood and looking forward to a varied and interesting programme of plays, none of which we had seen before, when we took our seats.
        Truth to tell, we were a little apprehensive that the "social" play of Clayplays would be packed with foul language and incoherent screaming, as so often is the case with "social" plays. Our fears were unfounded, it was superbly cast, well written, some lovely humorous touches in it and very moving. Please pass on our congratulations to all involved in its presentation.
        "A Man of Letters" was a tour de force on the part of both characters and their control of the dynamics involved and the gradual and subtle changes in their relationship was masterly; They were given a strong and reliable foundation to their performances by excellent and imaginative technical provision.
        The last play we knew, of course, from "Brief Encounter", but we had not seen or read the play upon which the film was based. I think we best sum up our appreciation of this by saying we were confident that Noel Coward himself would have been pleased with your production. We were so glad the audience gave the superbly produced Set a round of applause and congratulations to the effects and sound people for the very convincing railway station ambience.
Thank you everyone for a delightful evening. By the way, we pay about thirty visits a year to theatre ranging from top international productions in major cities to local village concerts and we rated last night among the most enjoyable we have found.  

Yours faithfully,
John & June Holmes
(Wadebridge, Cornwall)


15th. May, 2001

       We attended the first performance of 'The Heiress' last evening and want to express our appreciation of every aspect of the production. We thought the casting was excellent and the costumes, set and lighting made a most memorable evening. It's a good play and you certainly did it justice.
      We are all regular theatre-goers and your production would grace any professional theatre and was better than many shows we have seen in them.
      Please pass on our congratulations to your excellent cast and the leading lady in particular, whose understanding of the part was genuinely illuminating.

Yours sincerely,
Mr & Mrs D B, Mr & Mrs J G
(Penzance, Cornwall)


26th. May, 2001

       We recently saw the production of 'The Heiress' while on a week-end trip to Cornwall - our first!
       What a wonderful and professional production - and we see plenty in Oxford and London.
       We are feeling very tempted to see any forthcoming productions, in spite of the long train journey.

Yours sincerely.
Mr & Mrs S.

28th August 2001

Dear Players, Production Team and Director
      My family and I were staying at Gorran Haven during the second and third week of August which we had visited for a week last year. We have had a wonderful time, made more special by our visit to your Arts Centre where we were made so welcome by your front of house staff. And my goodness, we all enjoyed your production of Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (I stress all as we have 2 teenage daughters and you'll know how particular they can be). My partner Tony and I so appreciated your hard work, talent and skill and wished to thank you all for a super evening. Being involved in amateur theatre ourselves we know what dedication it all demands. Funnily enough your hall etc is very similar to our own so we felt very much at home.
       'Where is the meat cleaver?' has become our family saying!
       Thank you all.
       Amanda Jacobs and Tony Edwards
       Harlow, Essex

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