Advice to Budding Actors . . .

Christy Price penned the following thoughts on the dreaded audition and her successful debut for St. Austell Players in the role of Rita in Billy Liar:-

        "The room was full of furtive, whispered conversation. People who all knew each other glanced at me quickly, dismissing the outsider as an incompetent fool. Did I really imagine I could become one of them?
Stuttering over words during the reading was a great embarrassment; they would never accept someone who couldn't speak properly! I made my escape as quickly as possible.
Not hearing anything for two days shattered my dreams of stardom; I condemned myself to a life backstage. Then a call from the Director; I'd got the part. Fantastic, but now I would have to face these mysterious clamlike people again. I survived the first few rehearsals and discovered they were normal, friendly human beings and suddenly everything became great fun. In my six-inch heels and bright red lipstick I was told I was really awful. But I didn't mind. They were referring to my stage character, of course!
         Even though my heels constantly tried to trip me up, likewise my lines, besides getting bad skin through having to wear too much make-up, and constantly holding my breath because my dress was a little bit too tight, I did have a fabulous time. Bellowing and stamping around as my flamboyant character, Rita, created ever so slight titters from the audience. Fame at last!
         Brimming with confidence after my debut with the St. Austell Players, I bounced happily through the reading for the summer play, My Cousin Rachel. I found I could talk and laugh now with people I had found so intimidating at first - perhaps because I discovered we shared an interest, perhaps because they were a friendly group of people, not the ogres I had created.
        Whatever the reason, I was glad I had done it. Being someone else gave me a great opportunity to make new friends and expand upon a hobby I'd only ever made a success of in the safety of school walls. Everyone who has the inclination should do it. Forgetting my conventional behaviour and becoming a loud-mouthed tart for a few hours really highlighted my day.
        And I even managed to get a part in the summer play. Another challenge, because this time I've got to be more like the real me - a straightforward, normal person, and I shan't be able to hide behind the ranting eccentric kind of character I usually get cast as!"
                                                                                                           Christy Price